Our Travels Through Europe - 2007 to 2018

Campervan Europe 2018

England, France, Italy, Austria, Germany

Campervan Europe 2017

Spain, The Pyrenees and France

Campervan Europe 2016

England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales

Campervan Europe 2015

Sardina, Sicily, Italy, Switzerland, France, England, Wales

Campervan Europe 2014

Belgium, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and the Aland Islands, Sweden, Denmark, England

Campervan Europe 2013

Turkey, The Balkans, Austria, Switzerland, France

Campervan Europe 2012

England, France, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium

England, France, Spain, Portugal

Campervan Europe 2011

England, France, Spain, Portugal

Campervan Europe 2010

England, France, Germany, Spain, Wales, Scotland

Campervan Europe 2009

England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany

Campervan Europe 2008

England, France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands

Campervan Europe 2007

Our first tour through Europe in the campervan – England, Wales, France