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Swimming with the sealions

Anchoring is sometimes fraught with hazards, but the most unexpected difficulty arose when we anchored at one of the islands in the Galapagos. This quiet bay has a beach at its head on which the sealions bask in the sun. Our guide and advisor (a mandatory requirement for all boats cruising there) said that we…

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Imping a burnt tawny frogmouth

Imping is a feather splicing technique where a whole feather that matches the broken one is cut to fit with the other feather making a whole feather. The feather shaft is then plugged or splinted internally with something light but strong like thin wire and then glued to the broken feather, thus creating the whole…

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A bird with attitude

When asked what is my favourite bird to care for, I am divided between the tawny frogmouths and the herons. I had been away for four months so I was really happy that the first bird I was asked to care for was a heron chick. Little did I know what I was in for.…

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